Like the legendary Sonics before them, this Seattle band personifies high-energy rock 'n' roll, and their 3rd album is an even rawer, more feral take on their primal garage-punk sound.  The band delivers one concise, explosive, no-frills blast of rock 'n'  roll after another for one of this year's most exciting rock albums, local or otherwise. -
Don Yates KEXP 90.3 FM

THE EARACHES - Get The Revolution Out Of Your Head CD cover

Hot on the heels of their post-election “Freedom Fries” 7”, Seattle’s uncrowned kings of sonic reduction return with their second full-length CD, "Get The Revolution Out Of Your Head."  Produced by the legendary Tim Kerr  (Big  Boys, Monkeywrench, Lord High Fixers, Now Time Delegation, and many more) at  Egg Studios, the album’s 12 songs range from the scathingly personal to the bitingly political—all powered by the band’s trademark garage punk stomp and their three F’s philosophy: Fun, Fuzz, and Fuck-It-If-You-Can’t-Take-A-Joke.   Get it @ Steel Cage Records !



the EARACHES - Fist Fights, Hot Love CD cover

The Earaches first full length CD titled "Fist Fights, Hot Love"  on Steel Cage Records is hot off the presses and ready to make your ears ache!!  The fellas are proud to be joining the  likes of the 440's,  Cretin 66, the Chickenhawks, Limecell,  Jeff Dahl and many other great bands on this kick ass label from the hostile city.  Click on over there and order your copy RIGHT THE FUCK NOW!


7 "

In honor of the “Two For The Road” 2006 West Coast tour Steel Cage Records proudly presents this limited edition split 7” featuring one Earaches song recorded live on radio station KEXP-FM and two Jukebox Zeros songs recorded live on WFMU-FM.

Sadly relevant for another four years, The Earaches screamin’ new single “Freedom Fries” offers some pissed off sing along commiseration to all thebluepeople.   Packed with angst and backed with the staggering fuzz anthem “Too Hot to Taste,” this fiery little 7” also features brilliant artwork by Don Blackstone.  Ask for it at your local independent music retailer or get it directly from  Steel Cage Records !
Funhouse Comp Thing
Welcome to the Funhouse Comp Thing, a collection of 31 bands who have played Seattle's last remaining (mostly) full time punk rock bar, plus one band who has NOT played the Funhouse because they're too young  & their parents won't let them play a stinky dive bar. The Funhouse opened on Halloween night 2003 & has  hosted hundreds of great local & touring bands, plus a few really awful ones.  Most of the bands on the comp are from the Pacific NW, but there are a few exceptions - The Armitage Shanks are from the UK & The Sermon from California.



Hot Rod Girls Save The World

The Earaches are excited to be included on the soundtrack to the first film released by the fine folks at Go-Kustom.  Features the engaging  Zak Schneider instrumental "Monkey Knife Fight" and a ton of other fun tunes along with great dialogue from the movie.  Wipe the grease off your hands and pick one up!




Dirtnap Across The Northwest
This killer compilation on kick-ass  label Dirtnap Records, features "23/Screwtop Wine" and sizzling cuts from 31 other great bands.  Features the cream of the crop of the current NW punk explosion! So get with the in crowd and get yours today!







The Earaches

"Time On Fire" - CD (Steel Cage, 2006)

"Get The Revolution Out Of Your Head" -  CD  (Steel Cage, 2005)

"Freedom Fries" 7"  - (Steel Cage, 2004)

"Fist Fights, Hot Love"  - CD  (Steel Cage, 2003)


Compilation Appearances

The Earaches

"Don't Care If I Die" - Funhouse Comp Thing (My Fat Ass Productions, 2006)

"Monkey Knife Fight" - Hot Rod Girls Save The World-Film and Film Soundtrack  (Go Kustom, 2005)

"Brand New Chevy" - Attack From Planet Of The Devil Dogs-Tribute To The Devil Dogs  (Head Dip-Germany, 2004)

"Set My Love On You" - Untamed Music: It Came From The Northwest EP  (Carbon 14 magazine #22, 2003)

"23/Screwtop Wine" - Dirtnap Across The Northwest CD  (Dirtnap Records, 2003)

Reckless Bastards

"She's The Girl In The Car With the Glasses And The Gun" - The Necessary Effect: Screamer's Songs Interpreted CD  (Xtra-Vertigo)

"Secrets" -  "THE VIOLENT CLIMAX, VOL. 3"A real short run comp. put out by the French magazine 'ARSEPLOT'

"Bust Out!" "Just Ain't Right" "I Used To Be A Loser" - Bombardiranje New Yorka #7 CD  (Croatin Compilation)


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