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the EARACHES - Fist Fights, Hot Love CD cover

 ~  Don Yates, KEXP 90.3FM ~ Time on Fire:  "Like the legendary Sonics before them, this Seattle band personifies high-energy rock 'n' roll, and their 3rd album is an even rawer, more feral take on their primal garage-punk sound.  The band delivers one concise, explosive, no-frills blast of rock 'n'  roll after another for one of this year's most exciting rock albums, local or otherwise. "

~ GarbageDump, Italy
"This band is back to kick your ass again!!  I loved their debut CD, and how can I not love this new 7"?   I like The Earaches because they can play some real garage punk at a time when all the so called garage punk bands have watered down the distortion and anger levels.  These two new exclusive tracks show the band at its rawest and finest, or better some utterly rocking garage played with a punk spirit and recorded in a fuzzbox."


~ John Holmstrom, PUNK Magazine Listening Party 17 "..... Good, loud RNR!   They get my official seal of approval!   "I Used to Be a Loser" reminds me of 1966 garage, other songs remind me of the Dead Boys or Johnny Thunders (in a good way)! Great guitar noise, great beat, good lyrics - these guys got it together."

~ Punk Planet ~  "Hell Yeah!  Bring on the smutty, gritty punk rock.  The Earaches have a saucy swagger that appeals to the senses with twinges of.....  preacher-style, howlin' rock'n'roll."

~ Abel Gebhardt, The Oxen~  Nowadays the concept of Garage - Punk has become about as inflated as the Reichsmark between the two World Wars, making it especially important to carefully examine what lies behind the label.  Too much cloned smooth ironed uniform pulp has been served to us in the last few of years.  But with the Earaches the moniker fits, because there is no awful trimmed hard rock being sold as garage punk.  Instead, the listener gets what one would originally await from such a promise:  unpolished riffs and a whole lot of rock' n roll.  Or, to paraphrase the band's Three F Philosophy: "Fun, Fuzz, and Fuck - It - If -You -Can't - Take a Joke."

~ Dan Halligan ~ The Tablet ~  "It’s always great to see triumph in the face of adversity.  After the tragic death of drummer Alan Wright, the Earaches have not only soldiered on, but they’ve released one hell of an album in “Get the Revolution Out of Your Head”.   The Tim Kerr production makes the album sound almost live, which is a great way to catch the driving garage rock of a band like Earaches.   This album is excellent!   

~ Under The Volcano ~  "The Earaches ferociously crank out a primal musical melee of Bowery-style Rock'n'Roll belligerence.  It's a barreling, out-of-control beer bottle smash-fest of bass-thumpin' bad boy bravado, crazed drum-crashing fury, gritty and menacing guitar screeching flare-ups, and sloppy-drunk, demon-spit vocals that'll curdle your blood and curl your toes something god-awful fierce.  I can unequivocally attest that Hell hath no fury like the rockin' wrath of The Earaches."

~ Peter Santa Maria, Carbon 14 #22 "Set your stereo to stun and blow yer eardrums out with… The Earaches!   Fast, fucked and fuzzed out, The Earaches are the missing link between the Sonics and the Pagans in the garage punk rawk dysfunctional family tree.  This record is full of snarling vocals, trash can drums, boozy bass and pawnshop geetars, with songs about drinkin’, fightin’, fuckin’, carousin’, and other delinquent distractions that lead up to no good.   But even if The Earaches are born to lose, they come up winners with their debut full-length.   My absolute favorite scorchers on this CD are the devilishly deranged, reverb rock trash of "I Used To Be A Loser", the organ driven train wreck "All My Fault", and the distorted beyond belief "Misunderstood".   A righteous and raucous debut rocker!"

~ Whiskey Rebel Reviews (Texas)   ~ "Overall, a fine band..from Seattle....I was a bit surprised.   These are some hot musicians who know how to write and perform catchy songs.   The production duties are well handled by seasoned veteran Tim Kerr.   Steel Cage will do really well with this I predict.  Songs like "I'm Hard Up" and "Fake Radio" and the title track are well honed, meat and potato's Guitar/bass/drums rock and roll.....Bottom line: a damned good rocking CD."

~ Mark Prindle, Caustic Truths "Garage rockers with an eye for a great rock and roll riff.   Like early New Bomb Turks, with less of a punk rock influence.  So actually more like the bands featured on all those “Pebbles” compilations of rare ‘60s singles.   Good tunes, fuzzy distortion, basement drum sound, excitable singer and free beer!  (Beer sold separately)."

~ Johnny Heist's Album Reviews ~ " Wow.   My friend let me listen to this CD, and I had to have it.   The sheer energy that flows through the raging guitar, the warm bass, the violent drums, and the organized chaos of the singing/yelling is phenomenal. Lyrically this stuff rocks, too.   It draws obvious influences from such bands as the Stooges and the MC5, so how could it suck?   I definitely suggest finding this album, which is available from Steel Cage Records." 

~ Bryce Dunn (Discorder - Riff Raff) ~ “A garage–rockin’ pissed off rant about El Presidente called “Freedom Fries,” expressing their distaste for the way they’ve been cut, deep–fried and eaten up in the disposable consumer culture called warfare.  ......on the flip, we can shake a little frustration out on "Too Hot To Taste" which gives Girl Trouble a run for their money, to be sure."

 ~"Freedumb Fries/Too Hot to Taste “Too Hot to Taste”  really is about something hot, because those are the only lyrics...shouted over a raucous garage rawk ruckus that’s equal parts Sonics, Sex Pistols, and whoever did the Munsters theme.   It’s a real party, jack.   “Freedumb Fries” mines similar territory, ‘cept that it’s more pissed off (“You are not my president!”) and actually sounds a little evil.   And evil is good.   Bitchin’ frizzle-frazzle guitar solo, too.   A pretty fun single, especially if you also think bedspins are a riot."

~ Megan, Razorcake #15 ~  "Step aside nay-sayers.  The Earaches (formerly the Reckless Bastards) are one of the many fucking amazing bands out now.   They have that perfect balance of garage punk in the vein of the Mummies (no organ, just the energy).   The songs are power-driven without ever getting too fast that they lose form. "Used To Be A Loser" gets all reverby, which doesn't always work, but it does here.   The song pulls off such a sleazy feel.   The whole album is raw and just plain good.   The only thing it leaves me wishing for is a tour."


~ No Brains Zine "Wow, I love the sound this band has..... Great dirty distorted guitars and vocal, pumping bass and driving rhythm.  Trash garage punk straight  from a dirty, beer smelly bar loaded with anger, hate and alcohol ready for fight.   My favorites are "I Used To Be A Looser", "Don't Need Your Love", "Prednisone", "All My Fault" with organ and great catchy chorus and super fast "Secrets."


~ Robert Jimison, Rockinbones  "Fist Fights, Hot Love" is the debut album of Seattle's The Earaches (formally known as The Reckless Bastards).   With the assembly line of shitty garage pop that MTV is churning out these days it is a relief to hear an inspirational DIY record from this genre.   Whether they are dabbling in 60's style garage,  psychedelia, blues, or just straight up punk rock, each song on this record is played with a whole lot of muscle and attitude.   My particular favorite is the anthemic "Just Wanna Rock and Roll."   The fuzzed out guitars and chanting chorus is right up there with The Chambers Brothers' "Time Has Come Today."   If their first record is this explosive, I'm eager to hear the follow up."


~ Kopper, "Goddamn, I just got the new EARACHES CD ("Fist Fights, Hot Love" (on Steel Cage Records) this weekend and I gotta say I'm completely blown away.  This is trashy, lo-fi, high octane, ballsy garage punk at its best. Reminds me a lot of the Fells, with some definite Mummies influence and goonery on tracks like "I Used to Be a Loser" (an instant classic), "Prednisone," "23/Screwtop Wine," and various others.   It's loud, fast, and stupid.   GET IT!!"


~ Mike Frame, Tablet Newspaper ~  "Man, the 'garage rawk revolution' can kiss my ass. Here in Seattle you can throw a rock and hit a band that is waaaay better than what is currently being hyped up.  If that rock hits the Earaches, you are gonna be really glad you let it fly.  This disc smokes!   Amped up, blown out garage punk that hasn’t been done this well since the Oblivians went away.   Every song is a ripper, but never too fast; the Earaches (formerly the Reckless Bastards) know exactly what they’re doing and they outclass damn near everyone else playing a similar style.   “I Used To Be A Loser” is the kind of song that sends you scrambling for the record cover, wondering who wrote it and why you’ve never heard it before.   Then you realize it’s an Earaches original!   A classic song in every way.   Sell your fuckin’ Hives records and go get this Earaches disc.   The Earaches are the latest in a long line of world class Northwest garage punk bands that starts with the Sonics, and will be here for a long time to come.   Hype be damned.""Here we have the second full-length CD by these cats from Seattle, and thank god they are one of those bands putting the city's name on the map for some ass kicking rock, and not some sloppy grunge.  Produced by master of fuzz Tim Kerr, this album shows THE EARACHES at their top, able to deliver a manic, frenzied garage punk attack wich draws equally from THE SONICS as it does from punk legends like the ANGRY SAMOANS.   The production is top-notch, clear but very primitive and punchy, and it will be impossible for you not enjoying the raw hooks this rawk'n'roll hellride is able to spray all over the place.   They sped things up compared to their earlier releases, delivering the goods with a tight, pounding rhythm section and some funny, tongue in cheek lyrics aiming to wake up the sleeping side of dumb people's minds.   If punk rock means something today, THE EARACHES have surely got its deepest meaning.   Get this album folks, and you'll be spinning around your room like a tiltwheel for its whole 35 minutes length time."

But don't take their word for it, come see for yourself


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