Ah, my fickle friend, the summer wind.  We played a great private party celebrating the 16th wedding anniversary of August and his wife Lori Penney, with our longtime pals, The Electric Kisses This was the first time both bands have shared a bill since Lori started playing with The Electric Kisses about a year ago.  Playing live in their living room, both bands managed to bring down the house without bringing out the cops and it was a swingin’ time all around.


            Our next show was yet another celebration, this time the birthdays of Lesli Wood and Steph Hasselman from the formidable Ms. Led.  Man, this was a really fun night.  We threw down as hard as we could to an enthusiastic crowd that was obviously there for a party. Ms. Led proceeded to follow us and damn near smoked our ass off the stage!  If you’ve never seen this band, or haven’t seen them in a while, do yourself a favor bub and catch this powerhouse while they’re hot.  Their (amazing) new album is little harder than their last and the ensuing live show will knock the wind out of you.


            We’ve played with The Coloffs before, but this last time around, at Jules Maes, I stood in awe of this tight knit trio.  They play what I can only describe as ‘cut the crap’ rock.  No frills, no wanking, and definitely no bullshit, they just strip it down and rock the hell out of it. I really dug their slower number, “Youth is Wasted on the Young.”  Drive It Like You Stole It did just that, playing even tighter than the last time we played together.  At first it looked like another ‘2 or 2000’ night (we always play the same), but the thin crowd quickly filled out from the front of the bar as we busted into our first song and proceeded to lay down one of our most high octane performances of the year.


            I’m not sure what was the most fun about our last Comet gig, the show inside or the show outside.  Gaggles of skanky chicks in mini-skirts and heels along with over-cologned no-necked guys were pouring in and out of the adjacent nightclub.  It was a hot night and we watched most of the other bands set from the sidewalk where we celebrated the lowest police priority in Seattle.  After downing copious amounts of alcohol Neon Nights turned in a 100% pure high octane set that got the whole room excited.  They ended with a garaged up version of ‘Purple Haze’ that was really fucking cool, and not the least bit cheesy. Whiskey Tango followed and proceeded to tear the place up much to the delight of their rabid fans.  Bands trying to drum up funds for touring take note: these guys actually had a bake sale going on, and probably made more than we did with our merch. We took whoever was left standing and mowed ‘em down with our own sonic assault, interrupted not once, but twice by blown circuit breakers.  While it would be nice to claim that we were ‘too much for the system’, in reality it was the fact that the band and the goddamn hot dog stand outside were all on the same circuit.  Damn those infernal organ meats!!


            We were really excited to finally play with The Femurs, being big fans and all.  Their songs bring a lot of cool pop-punk stuff to mind without ever sounding like an imitation and are obviously played from the heart.  I’m glad to say that they did not disappoint and did more with two instruments than most bands can do with four.  This was most likely our last gig with Drive It Like You Stole It for a while, since they packed up their crap and drove it on down to Austin, Texas.  Thanks for the good times and good luck to Erika & co.  When our turn came we cut loose and shot the juice to the moose as always with a hearty mix of new and old material.


            We’ll be closing out the year with a BIG BANG on December 29th at The High Dive with The Fucking Eagles, The Bug Nasties, and pals Autolite Strike.  It’s gonna be a real firecracker of a night, so don’t miss out!  For the rest of ’07 we’ll be laying low as various members catch up on side projects, home repairs, and maybe even a little sleep if we’re lucky.  In the meantime we are working our asses off on material for the next album, a spring tour, and a limited edition CD featuring rare tracks from the Alan Wright era that will be available only at our live shows.

Remember:  there’s more to life than rock and roll, but not much.

Until next time, Live Free – Fizzy Lipton, Minister of Propaganda




 Graham Parker & the Rumour - “Squeezing Out Sparks”
 The Hands - “So Sweet”

 The Infections - “Kill! Kill! Kill!”

 Bruce Springsteen - “Darkness On the Edge of Town”, “Born to Run”

 The Fall - “Perverted By Language”



 Erkin Koray - "Self Titled"
 Peter Tosh - "Legalize it"
 Skinny Puppy -" Rabies"
 Revolting Cocks -"Big Sexy Land"
 Ministry - "Twitch"



 Queens Of The Stone Age - "Era Vulgaris"
 Peter, Bjorn, and John  - "Writer's Block"
 The Jesus Lizard - "Goat"
 Joe Jackson - "I'm The Man" from Greatest Hits
 The Midnight Special - DVD Collection




Art Brut -" It's A Bit Complicated"

 Blank-Its - "Happy Accidents"

Alice Cooper - "Billion Dollar Babies"

 Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits

 Django Reinhardt - "I've Got Rhythm"



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