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      It is with a very heavy heart that we must report the loss of our manager, drummer, friend, and brother, Alan Wright. 

Deeply troubled over personal issues, Alan made the very sad decision to end his own life Saturday, June 12th. 

We are making arrangements to have a memorial party for him in a few weeks, and will post that information here

once we have the details.


     The Earaches have decided to continue as a band, Alan would've wanted that.  He was a generous soul with much to offer this world and we are devastated by his loss.  What follows is a bio he wrote and his obituary. 



     Alan Wright has been writing about rock 'n' roll music since the mid-80s, and as a freelancer has written for What Wave, Feline Frenzy, Maximum Rockandroll, Flipside, Between The Lines, The Rocket, The Stranger, Brutarian, 10 Things, The BOB, Ugly Things, Misty Lane and Hit List magazines. He began producing his own 'zines starting with What Now? in 1987, and later producing Cryptic Tymes and Do The Pop! He has also helped coordinate reissues of '60s garage and '70s punk band reissues and anthologies. Although he's a die-hard rock 'n' roller, he also digs a variety of sounds including primitive blues, rockabilly, R&B, '60s garage rock, Psychedelia, Soul and early '70s funk, Free Jazz and everything in between! Originally from Canada, he has lived with his wife Lisa in Seattle since 1993, where he dwells in a condo filled with way too many records, CDs, video tapes & DVDs, four cats and a bird. As well as writing about music, Alan plays, having been a drummer since he was 16. He's been in a number of garage and punk bands over the years including The 14th Wray, Thee Upper Crust, The Primate 5, The Castros, The Infernal Three, The Reckless Bastards, and most recently, The Earaches.



Alan John Wright                  

     Alan was born July 11, 1964, in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, and died June 12, 2004, in Seattle. He was a graduate of St. Lawrence College in Kingston, where he studied ceramics and graphic design. Alan was a proud employee of the Lifelong AIDS Alliance in Seattle and was the drummer for the Earaches, Seattle’s premier hi-octane rock & roll band. Alan is survived by his wife Lisa Lindstrom and her parents Arne and Carol Lindstrom of Seattle. He is also survived by his parents John and Sherrill Wright of North Fort Myers, Florida, and his sister Chandra of Kingston. Alan also leaves to grieve his dear friends and bandmates, August Henrich, Joe Kilbourne and Zachary Schneider, and his many friends in the Seattle music scene. Alan will be greatly missed by his beloved cats Tiffany, Hepburn, Winky and Papa, and by his cockatiel Buster. Alan was predeceased in January by his beloved cat Chester. A celebration of Alan’s life will be held in July, near what would have been his 40th birthday. Please contact for more information. Remembrances to Lifelong AIDS Alliance, 1002 E. Seneca St., Seattle, WA 98122; Purrfect Pals No-Kill Cat Shelter, 230 McRae Rd. NE, Arlington, WA 98223; or any organization devoted to defeating George W. Bush in November.


Photo of Alan by Camille Toutonghi